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Brian Haymon
CEO, SGS Petroleum Service Corporation

I have been a client of Brad's for about 10 years.  He introduced me to the term "functional training" long before I heard it being used by others.  In the early years we worked a lot on my flexibility which went from being very poor to now better than most men my age.  My core strength and balance, things I never paid much attention to before I met Brad, also improved significantly.  As I now approach 50 years old, I appreciate how important things like balance, flexibility, and core strength are to my overall health.

One of the things I like best about Brad is his enthusiasm.  He always seems to be motivated and full of energy.  Even when I am tired or moving slow at the start of our early morning workouts, Brad always picks me up.  He pushes me in ways I could never push myself.  We joke and kid a lot, and he makes it fun.  Brad knows I like to compete, and he's always setting goals for me and challenging me to do better.  I always feel good when I leave his place, and his positive, upbeat outlook is a big reason why.

I like that our training sessions are one-on-one.  I seem to focus better when it's only the two of us in the room.  Every workout is different, which keeps things interesting.  Brad tailors my workouts to suit my needs at the time:  sometimes we work more on stretching and flexibility, other times aerobics, and other times balance and strength.  Usually every workout has elements of each.

Brad is the kind of guy you want to see be successful.  He struck out on his own a couple of years ago, and he's working hard to build a business.  I am happy to support him through this testimonial, but Brad understands that he has to earn my business every workout.  And for the past 10 years, he has done just that.

Louise Bruce

There are personal trainers – and then there’s Jimmy Miller. He’s been my personal trainer for over three years, and he has helped me lose over 40 lbs. – and keep it off. Jimmy has a real passion for good health and fitness, and he truly loves to share his expertise. He continually updates his knowledge through seminars, workshops, and reading material. He provides motivation, professional expertise, and personalized attention. Plus he’s very intelligent and has a great sense of humor.

When I first started training with Jimmy I could see that he really understood alignment and functional core strength. He made sure – constantly – that my form was good and that I got the most out of my exercise sessions – without putting myself at risk for injury.

He helped me understand that weight loss demands a multifaceted approach of strength training and aerobic exercise, as well as a healthy, balanced diet.

I’ve had a few specific problems (knee, ect.) over the years, and he had tailored our training to reflect these issues. He’s flexible, encouraging, but most of all he’s a lot of fun. Without that, my enthusiasm would definitely taper off quickly.

Simply stated Jimmy brings out the best in me, and in everyone that crosses his path. Because of him, I am a better person, both physically and mentally. I am indebted to him and look forward to a lifetime of good fitness and health.

Whitney Graves

I have an active lifestyle and have been in good aerobic shape most of my life. I recently decided I could benefit from incorporating strength training into my regimen. After joining MB2 and working with Brad Browning, I realized that I had been ignoring a very important area of fitness. Much of the focus at MB2 is on movements using your upper and lower body combined with balance. I had no idea how weak I was in this area. As a marathon runner and triathlete, I was surprised at how difficult it was for me to do exercises as "simple" as stand on a balance board or bosu ball. Brad does a thorough assessment of a person's physical strengths and weaknesses and modifies a unique workout. Every time I go in for a session, we are working towards different, challenging goals that make me stronger which enabled my body to function and perform better than I ever have. What I now firmly believe is that this type of training is necessary for individuals who want to live their best life from the young years to old age. Brad makes the tough workouts fun and safe. He is super knowledgeable about physiology and health. He is always continuing his education with his insatiable curiosity about what makes us humans thrive. He genuinely cares about each client's well being. Brad's enthusiasm is contagious and his optimistic personality makes you want to continue improving and feeling great! Now that I'm stronger and steadier, I've noticed that my performance in competitive sport has improved as well.

Jacquelyne Janneck

Four years ago when my employer sold the company to a large international conglomerate, I wanted to prepare myself for inevitable change.   I believed that I could best handle whatever came my way if I had high energy, self-confidence, and a "can do" attitude. I immediately committed to exercising twice a week with Brad Browning. Four years later, I'm still working out with Brad and I'm still working at my job! My fitness keeps me at the top of my game. Working with Brad has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Renae Conley
President & CEO, Entergy Louisiana

All of my adult life I have worked out, but did not see the results I expected for the time I was putting in. I have been training with Jimmy Miller for about 2 years and have seen real results. I am much stronger, leaner and a couple of nagging injuries (knee and neck) are no longer a problem for me under Jimmy’s program, which helped to focus on strengthening those weak areas. He is a true professional.

Bill McMillin
Bill McMillin Interiors, LTD

I’ve always looked forward to training with Jimmy 3 times a week for the past 8 years without fail. He insists on correct form and creates new targeting programs changing every 4 weeks, so I’m constantly challenged and engaged.  My reflex reaction, balance, and posture are greatly improved; and best of all. I always feel energetic!

At 62, I feel more fit and healthier with strengthening and core training from Jimmy than I did 40 years ago…thanks Jimmy.

Robin Kistler
Director, LSU Executive Education
Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute

I have been working with Brad Browning for the last two years on my personal fitness.

Through his assistance and support, I reduced my dress size from a 12 to a 6 (when working with Brad, you will discover its not about the number on the scale). Within months, I began sleeping better, feeling stronger, and running 5Ks. Even better, my energy level increased which completely transformed my outlook on everything.

Brad took the time to get to know my challenges and prescribed a custom work out plan that works for me. He noticed right away that my hips and lower back weren't very strong. He continues to help me work on these challenges so that I can reduce the risk of simple injuries and live the kind of active lifestyle I choose to live.

I am not a fitness buff. In fact, I struggle to get to the gym. But Brad makes the workout fun and interesting. He changes things up so that I am never bored. The personal attention I recieve from Brad has been the key to reaching my personal fitness goals.

More important, he motivates me to want to take care of myself.

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